Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I forgot to mention the awesomeness that occurred between me and my BESTEST this weekend. Well, I mentioned what we did on Friday. I got done subbing at noon and ran home to check the mail. I grabbed my check and then met Katie at Arby's for lunch. Then, we went to the bank to deposit my check. After that we went to the phone store to get my NEW phone. While we were there we talked my Dad into buying us a round of drinks at the golf course. He was meeting some buddies for a round of golf. So, we got my NEW phone and headed to Pine View for some fuzzy navels, yummy!! We sat outside on the swing and just enjoyed the nice sunny weather. We sent pictures to our boys in hopes of making them jealous, they were :) After two rounds of drinks, what can I say, Daddy loves us, we headed to Kroger. We got some wine coolers. After that we had to head to Wolcott, we had to babysit Rhyder and we did a good job :) We decided to dress alike in some sweet outfits. I was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans, I was hot so she offered me navy basketball shorts and she also put on a pair. Then she laughed and said she should put on a red t-shirt, so she did. Ha ha. Then we took Rhyder for a walk in his stroller. When we were done with our walk we went to Laura's house and waited for them to get home. We then grilled some burgers and then we did a campfire afterwards. It was a really nice evening.

On Saturday, Katie and I met in town for lunch at Monical's. Then, we went grocery shopping and I got a cute new suit :) You'll have to wait to see it until I take pictures this summer, my beach body isn't ready :/ After Wal*Mart we went to Wolcott to plant Katie's flowers and they look lovely :) Oh, forgot to mention, we changed into another matching outfit. Cute shorts and the same tank tops, but in different colors. Then, we read outside on her porch and people watched all the Prom-goers. Then, we got thirsty, so we went to Laura's to partake in another wine cooler and read on HER deck. Bill spotted us and took the opportunity to ask us to keep an eye on the kids while he ran to KFC for some dinner. We had a small snack; popcorn chicken and mashed potatoes for me and a corndog for Katie. Then, we moved the party back to Katie's and she started on dinner. We sat on the porch while it cooked. My phone died, so we had to share her phone. I was texting Patrick because he was done training for the night, so we were catching up. She was texting Bobby the whole time and it was sad because Bobby couldn't come home. Poor guy worked a 14 hour day. I bribed him with a blizzard to buy me a charger, but he didn't get home in time. So he didn't buy it and I didn't get him a blizzard. Sad day :( Katie and I enjoyed a lovely meal of Chicken Parmasean and a nice salad. I got a Cherry-Limeade mustache :( She was very mean and made fun of me. After dinner we went back to Laura's and played Dance Dance Revolution Disney Groove and enjoyed root beer floats.

On Sunday I went to church and came home to enjoy some nice Ramen. Ha ha. My Dad bought the 24 pack, because "it was on sale"... if I had a dime for every time I heard that come out of his mouth, well I'd be rich. I digress. After finishing my ramen, I headed to... you guessed it Wolcott. Katie was at Laura's reading and Delilah and I joined her. Laura was power washing the house and the boys were playing outside with the neighbor girl, Bailey. Ahh Bailey. :/ She's a sweet girl; just very talkative, inquisitive, and 4.5 going on 18. Geez Louise. So, needless to say Katie and I didn't get too much reading done. I ended up leaving around 4:45 and I intended to come back after dropping off Delilah, but I decided not to. I ended up going to a concert at the church for the youth group. I'm glad that I did. It was a lot of fun. The groups were really awesome. They were; Either/Or, Laura Balke, and Darkroom. Darkroom isn't on MySpace, however they are on iTunes, so look them up. Afterwards I went to Monical's and had some more fellowship and yummy pizza!! :)

Monday I didn't have to sub which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I enjoyed the day off, but I also enjoy money. I met Katie at her 11:30 eyebrow waxing and then we had lunch at The Sportsman. It was yummy. We stopped by to see Laura at work and we delivered her some lunch. Then we headed to Rural King to look for some new work pants for Bobby. No luck. Wal*Mart!! No luck. Poor Bobby. We then parted ways because I had to get home to get ready for class. So, Monday wasn't as spectacular as the weekend, but hey I still got to see my BESTEST!!

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