Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've finally gotten some good news in life.  :)

Today, I met with Dr. Fletcher who is the superintendent for the Twin Lakes School Corporation.  I applied to be a substitute teacher and today was my interview.  He told me that really it was just a formality and he just likes to talk to everyone and get to know them.  So, it was just a nice little chat.  As I was leaving they said they would add me to the list and suggested that I go talk to the lady that makes the phone calls.  So, I stopped by and introduced myself, I felt silly but I did it.  So, hopefully I'll be getting a phone call soon!! I need the money!!

I also signed up for classes next semester and I'll be taking mostly evening classes, that way I can sub in the morning.  And I'll be taking them in Monticello, that way I can save on gas money too. :)  I'm taking one online class, so I'm nervous for that because I'm not too good with self-motivation.

So, tonight I think Patrick and I will be going out with Bobby and Katie for celebratory drinks. :)  Bobby has an interview today and they're looking at a house.  So, we're hoping that everything goes well for everyone. :)