Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Weekend

Well... again long time no blog... I don't know why I have a hard time updating...

Friday morning I didn't do much of anything.  I did some laundry and then just kind of hung out and watched some tv.  I didn't work Friday night which was really weird, I didn't know what to do with myself.  Ashley and I went to Skyline for dinner and then I dropped her off so that I could shower and put some laundry away.  I ended up talking to Patrick, so I didn't have time to put my laundry away... whoops.  Oh well.  I went to pick Ashley back up so that we could go see some coworkers at work.  I dropped Luke off at his house so that he could shower and then he walked to my house.  Then; Ashley, Luke, and I went to meet Erika at her dorm.  We were all meeting up to go to a comedy night.  We got there fairly early, so we had some really good seats.  It was really good too.  It's a group of theatre kids that got together and formed an improv group called Reflex.  After the comedy night we went back to my house to play some nerts and have a couple drinks.  Laura was home from work by then, so she joined us.  It was a lot of fun.  After I drove Ashley home I came back and went to bed.  Erika and Luke were stubborn and walked home.

Saturday morning I woke up and tried to clean my room up a little bit.  I put my laundry away and had some breakfast.  Then, I called Patrick to see where he was... he was just driving into Muncie.  So, a few minutes later he was at my door!! :)  VERY HAPPY TO SEE HIM!!  I told Aimee that I would come visit her at the McKinley Mile and see the babies!!  They are ADORABLE!!  Too bad Miss Lilly felt like she needed a nap.  So, Ashley and I only got to take our picture with Addy.  There's a thing in the SVS office... Ashley and I say that we're twins and Aimee is our mom.  Then, Aimee had Lilly and Addy... twins... so now the 4 of us are siblings.  So, it would have been nice to get a sibling shot.  Oh well.  After Patrick and I left the McKinley mile, we got some lunch at the A&W/Silver's.  And he let me play with his new phone and we took some pictures.  Then, we went back to my house to meet Laura and Brian to play some cornhole.  Patrick invited his friend Jeremy to come over.  So the 5 of us just hungout all afternoon in our front yard.  It was the first Spring-like day, so we were taking full advantage of it.  Luke finally got his butt out of bed and came over at 3:45.  So we played some cornhole until like 4:30 and then I had to get ready for work.  Luke and I worked until 10. After work we were going to hangout, but decided to take a break.  The group (Me, Lindsey, Laura, Luke, Brian) had been hanging out for like 3 weeks straight.  So, I took a shower and Patrick and I went to bed to cuddle and watch some tv.

Sunday morning Patrick and I woke up and had some breakfast.  We watched some tv and then he packed up his stuff.  He had to go meet Josh and Jessica for lunch.  I had to be at work at 12.  So, after he picked his computer up from his apartment he came to work to tell me goodbye.  I wasn't busy, so I went to give him a hug and a kiss.  Then, I worked until 8.  I got what little prep work there was done before Luke came in at 5.  So, I was basically bored at work from 5-7.  At 7 they finally sent me home since we were so slow.  We think it's because the weather was so nice, so people were grilling and didn't want to eat at a restaurant.  I called Laura and she was at Robbie's and they invited me over to the cookout that they were having.  We played cornhole until like 9:30.  Then we took Brian to his group meeting and picked Ashley up.  We decided to go to Luke's to play wii.  Brian came over after his group meeting.  We were there until like 12:30.  We dropped Brian and Ashley off at their respective homes and went to bed.

It was a great weekend!! Monday morning I was definitely still on a high from the great weather, great friends, and seeing Patrick!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I miss him!! :(

This is my lover... Patrick Lane!! :)  Isn't he handsome!?  We are just so gosh darn cute!!
Yeah, I miss him a lot.  Sometimes I've had a rough day and I just need him to give me a great big hug and tell me everything will be ok.  I love when he plays with my hair and kisses my forehead.  He always tells me how beautiful I am... even when it isn't true.  I can be wearing my sweatpants and my ponytail is a mess and I still have eye boogers, but he still calls me beautiful! :D  Sometimes I say dumb things and he laughs at me and tries to humor me by answering the question or commenting on it.  Most times he just laughs and either tells me that I'm precious or tells me that I'm goofy... I like it either way.  I love holding his hand and playing with his fingers.  I love laying on his chest and feeling his heart race because he's excited that I'm there.  I love talking about the future with him!!  We have so many exciting things planned.  Like taking a road trip to Boston to look at houses and going to see a Red Sox game.  Or driving to NY to be in Times Square for New Years.  Backpacking in Europe.  Right now we are so young and in love and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I miss you SOOOOO much Patrick!!
Love you with all my heart!!

Looking up...

This weekend was kind of rough on me... :(

All week Patrick kept saying that we were going to meet in Kokomo on Saturday.  We would either have lunch or dinner, depending on my work schedule, and then walk around the mall.  So, that was the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  It kept me motivated to finish the week.  Then, Friday night he informs me that Brent, his brother, told him that he has to work on Saturday.  No biggie... he will grind some feed and then we'll meet for a late lunch.  NOPE.  Patrick had to work until 6:30. :(  So, I didn't get to see him at all.  I was seriously depressed.  It didn't help that I had to work ALL WEEKEND!  Friday and Saturday 5-10 and Sunday 12-8.  And then, when I tried talking to Patrick Saturday night, he was at a bar where there no reception.  So, that made me even more sad.  It was just a horrible weekend and I was a complete wreck.  But, Luke talked to me and said some kind words and made me think about things.  So, Patrick and I talked it out and now we're good.  For awhile I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole not talking to him a lot and not seeing him thing.

Monday was actually a good day for me.  I slept in.  Didn't do a whole lot before class. Went to class and got out an hour early.  After I came home and talked to Laura for a bit.  Lindsey and I went to King Buffet.  When Luke and Laura got home from the gym we all played nerts.  It was a rough game night for me, but it was still a lot of fun.  We played for like 3 hours... yeah we're that lame. :-P  Then, for some reason I stayed up until 2 am.  Not very smart.

This morning I woke up at like 8:30 for my 9 am class.  So, needless to say... I was looking pretty rough.  I threw on my Red Sox hat and the clothes that I changed into last night after class.  My eyes were still kind of "swollen shut."  Like when you have been awake for only like 20 minutes... Man, I was looking sexy!! Ha ha.  Class went pretty well.  I need to do some stuff to catch up in there, but no biggie.  After class I tried to come back home and fall asleep, but it just wasn't happening.  So, I talked to Patrick for a bit and just watched some tv until I had to go to work.  I worked from 4-9.  Work wasn't too bad.  The jokes got a little out of control... some feelings were hurt.  I think we're all good now... but wow.  After work I came home and showered.  Then Luke, Erika, and Brian came over to play nerts.  So the six of us, Lindsey and Jeff, played nerts for like another 3 hours.  We may need a new hobby... nah!!

And that's where we are now... Time for bed!!