Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wasn't me...

First of all...

That last post wasn't me.  Lindsey was using my computer and got on my blog.  I don't feel like deleting it though.  So, whatever.  Ha ha.

Umm... What to talk about?  Well, I've been feeling kind of mopey lately.  I think I'm just ready for spring to be here, enough with the teasing.  One day it's like 65 degrees and sunny then the next day... it looks like today.  Like 40 degrees and rainy.  I'm also probably mopey because I'm so over school.  I just want summer break to be here.  I've got this summer break itch... you know where you just want to give up on school and all you can think about is going home or being out on the boat.  Yeah and it probably doesn't help that I miss Patrick like crazy.  I just want to go home, like forever.  I'm so done with Muncie.  I just want to go home and see my family and friends and Patrick.

This next 6 weeks is going to be the longest 6 weeks of my life.  I just have to remember to keep my nose in the books and keep chugging along.  Because I know me... once I get mopey and I'm no longer motivated, it's over.  So please try and help me keep my chin up.  Thanks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My favorite roomie

Lindsey Hanks just might happen to be my favorite person ever. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hello there.

Again, long time no blog....

Sorry, I've been on Spring Break and didn't feel like boring you all with the details.  It was really a very boring break.  I pretty much laid around home all day.  Occasionally I played some computer games, watched some tv and 3 days out of the week I met people in town for lunch.  Most of my nights were spent with Patrick, duh.  Although, Wednesday night I had a game night with the Moore's and Thursday night Patrick and I hung out with Kevin and Michelle.  Patrick left for drill Friday morning, so Friday night I went to the musical with Mom.  It was West Side Story.  The TLHS kids performed it pretty well.  I enjoyed it.  After the play, I went and stayed with Katie and Bobby.  We watched Dan in Real Life.  Not bad.  But, I had to get up at 5 the next morning to babysit the Cole and Harper.  I babysat until 2:30.  I was very hungry afterwards so I ordered a pizza when I was halfway home and picked it up before going back to my house.  Then, I took a nap.  That night Katie and Bobby and some of their friends went to Indy to P.F. Chang's and then The Melting Pot, I tagged along.  It was a pretty nice time.  Sunday morning I got up pretty early to pack and head back to Muncie.  Well, I actually tried to make it to the armory on time to meet Patrick for lunch, but I got a little lost.  So, by the time I got there he had already eaten and I didn't get to talk to him :(  And then I found a receipt for chew in his backpack, so I got mad and left.  I told him not to come to Muncie because I was mad at him.  So, I didn't get to talk to him or see him. :(  Bummer!!  But, we're good now.

He's supposed to be quit chewing.  But, he's struggling.  So, any suggestions would be very helpful.

And since I've been back to school, I've done nothing.  My class got canceled Monday night, because the professor was sick.  And our class Tuesday was canceled, because our teacher went to some conference.  I worked tonight.  It was nice to see my co-workers.  I missed them!!

And now, I'm going to call the boyfriend.  I miss him sooooo much!!  He's seriously the love of my life and this sucks being apart.  Sorry if that grossed you out or whatever.

Night :D

Friday, March 7, 2008

Yeah me!!

So, today I was hoping to be a busy little bee... and guess what!? I was!! :D

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep I came up with a list of things to do.  It had 11 things on it and I've completed 7 with the 8th in progress.  The 8th thing is laundry so that means that I can't do the 9th until it's done.  The 9th thing is pack.  So I think that I have done pretty well.  The only things that I have left to do are sell some books and take out the seats of my van.  I have to take out the van seats so that I can help Patrick take his stuff home when he comes tomorrow. :D  I'm so excited to see him!!!

Today I went to see some of my favorite people in the SVS office.  I miss them so much!! I saw Helen, Aimee, Kathy and Ashley.  They miss me too!  I wish that I could take them with me when I go back home.  It's been a lot different not seeing them every day this year.  So, I'm glad that I'm still welcome to come visit whenever I want. :)  I love them!!

So, even though it's been a very productive day, it's been very boring.  I'm going to finish up my laundry and pack.  Maybe do some homework and then hit the hay.  The sooner I go to sleep the faster tomorrow comes and the sooner I get to see Patrick!! :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long Time

I know, again it's been awhile...

Well, not too much has been going on.. so I didn't want to sit and write and bore you all.  Again like maybe 1 person reads this... so whatever.

Hmm... let's see.  Patrick went home on Monday.  He withdrew from his classes and is now home working for his dad at the mill.  He is glad to be back home.  He hated school and needs the money.  He is living with his brother Brent, so I am sure that they are having a blast.  I miss him a lot though.  It's really different going from seeing him everyday to barely talking to him.  He says that it will be ok, because we didn't see each other for 4 months while he was at basic.  I told him that it's different now.  Because back then I had only know him for 2 months, so it wasn't that big of a deal.  And now I have known him for over a year and have grown quite fond of him.  Boys... they are so dumb.  Girls get sappy and emotional.

But, now that he is back home and happy again... I can get back to concentrating on my life.  I put my life on hold for him and my classes were reflecting it.  I know, that's bad, but that's who I am.  I care about other people, so much so that sometimes I forget about me.  So, now I am back to normal and trying to concentrate on my life again.

This weekend is the start of Spring Break!! I'm so excited!!  After class gets out tonight, I'm on break!!  But... instead of going home ASAP, like I normally would... I have to wait :(  Patrick and his Brent are coming here like Saturday morning/afternoon to get the rest of his stuff.  And whatever won't fit in Brent's truck is going in my van.  So, after we are all loaded up I will be going home!! :D  And my break will be spent doing a lot of nothing.  Well, I need to get the Purdue ball rolling.  I have the application filled out and I'm sending it today.  I will be visiting people and I am babysitting on the 15th.  Other than that, I am free as a bird.

Tomorrow will be a productive day, I hope.  I need to do laundry and clean my room.  Maybe do some homework and get my school papers organized.  Then, I will just be twiddling my thumbs until Saturday morning.

Well, g2g.  Class starts in 35 minutes.