Friday, May 30, 2008


Yeah, so far it has sucked.  Nothing exciting or fun has happened.  I've been working every day for the past 3 weeks.  I've gotten overtime every week.  My first day off will be next Wednesday, I think.  I was supposed to have a day off last week, but I got called in because they were short a person.

And I don't really think it will be getting much better because a skank has started associating herself with some people who are close to me.  I will delve into that more when I can think of a nice way to put it.  People may think it's stupid, but it really hurts my feelings.

Well, that's all I really want to talk about for now... so yeah...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I can almost smell it...


Only 6 more days until I am on my way back to Monticello.  And I can't wait!! :)

I'm so ready to be home.  I'm sick of school and assignments.  I miss just hanging out.  I miss warm days and being outside.  I miss my family.  I miss my friends.  I miss Patrick.

Yesterday I did a few loads of laundry and tried to clean my room a bit.  And then, Patrick came to visit!!  We went to the King Buffet for dinner. And then came back home to watch some tv and cuddle.  He left today for a camping trip with the boys.  So, all day today I have been washing some laundry and folding it.  I ran a load of dishes and washed the living room blankets and the dining room placemats.  I am hoping to start packing and cleaning a bit.  I might even vacuum. :)  I am getting a lot done today.  And I will probably get a lot more done tomorrow, because I'm home alone this weekend.  On one hand, I'm kind of sad... I like people!!  On the other hand... I think it will be good for me.

Ok, well time to go switch my laundry and start some homework.