Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April showers....

...can stop anytime and I'd be ok with that.

Seriously. How much more rain can we possibly handle? I'm so excited for summer to be here. I can't wait to just lay around and do nothing all day. Well, I will be working at the Taco Shoppe again this summer, so hopefully I won't be doing too much laying around. I'm looking forward to 40+ hours a week, Lord knows I need the money.

So, what's been happening in my life you ask...? Well, I'm becoming more of a grown-up I would say. I got my first credit card and I've started my own phone plan. :) Look at me go. Now, the credit card is just a Best Buy credit card, so I can't get into too much trouble there. I used it to get myself a new laptop which I desperately needed. :/ Nice right? I'm pretty proud of it. And I told myself when I got my next big check from subbing I was going to cut the apron strings and break away from my Daddy's cell phone plan. Well, my check on Friday was $352. Not bad for two weeks of glorified babysitting. So, after lunch Katie and I were off to the phone store. It took awhile and Dad had to come in and relinquish the line to me. However, we had some great success and I chose this little baby. :) Again I am proud. Now if I can just get myself a new car and get out of my parent's house I would be all set :-P One step at a time.

Hmm... well Patrick and I have been going to church every Sunday since January so that's pretty cool. I had been looking for more ways to get involved and wouldn't you know it, God answered me. 3 weeks ago I was approached by Mr. Bacon and he said that there was a Monday night Bible Study for 20-somethings and Patrick and I should go. So I have been. It starts at 7 so Patrick can't come until later and for the past two Sundays he has been out of town. I was also asked to start helping with the youth group this summer. I helped out at the Soup for the Soul event at the church this afternoon. And I have signed Patrick and I up to be ushers in September and I always help usher at the drive-in. So, I'm feeling pretty good about all of that.

As I said Patrick has been gone for two weeks, well it will be 12 days on Friday. He has been down at Camp Atterbury doing some more training. It's Air Assault school. He's learning a bunch of stuff and he says that they are running them around like crazy. He goes to bed every night very sore and tired. They get up early and go on marches, run, do PT, etc. Poor guy :( He's doing really well though!! :) :) He's passing all of the tests with flying colors!! I'm so proud of him!!

Um, I think that's all of the exciting stuff that's happening. So, yeah you out there just keep checking back... Love ya!!

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Elaine said...

you BLOGGED! :]
i'm glad everything is going well! Back at the Taco Shoppe AGAIN!? :/ lol you're crazy. love the family, not so much the no A/C. hahaha

that's great about your laptop/cell. talked to your mom recently and she said she thought you were a WEE bit jealous of Frankie's new lappy. haha

awesome about church too. I'm going to get back in the swing of those things this summer. I might start attending your church. I'm not liking mine right now and I'm shopping for a new one.

Also, my mom is currently working on Frankie's T-shirt graduation quilt your mom is having made. I haven't seen it yet, but Mom is loving it and says its close to being done! I know that doesn't concern you really, just thought I'd add that in. :]

alrighty. have a good one! <3