Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why do I have this?

Again I apologize for the long absence.

Nothing too exciting has been happening in my life. I have been subbing a lot more lately, some weeks it's a daily thing. So, it's nice to know that I'll have a little cash flow coming my way. Like life it too has it's ups and downs. I definitely like working with the elementary school kids more than the high school kids. It's tough at the high school because I still know some of the kids there and I'm close in age with them, so the respect really isn't there. I really hope I don't have to sub there too often.

I spent the past two weekends in Muncie. It was fabulous. :) The first weekend Patrick had drill and I bummed a ride to Muncie. I hung out with the girls and we celebrated Laura's birthday a little early. It was really nice to see them, I hadn't seen them in 9 months, way too long if you as me! When Patrick got back on Sunday we went bowling with Brian and Lindsey and then went to B-Dubs. It was so much fun!!

Last weekend, Patrick and I got to Muncie Friday night and just hung out with Josh. Saturday we had to get ready for our second Red and White formal. It was a lot of fun and it was a really inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine's Day. I think we were looking pretty gorgeous, if I do say so myself...
I got my hair done at the mall. I think she did a really great job!!

Aww :) I love this picture!
One last kiss before we left to go meet some friends at a bar.

The past weekends have been pretty awesome!! :) Patrick got the flu yesterday though, so I had to go take care of him. I'll probably get it on Sunday. That's what happened two years ago when he got the flu. He got it. I took care of him and two days later I was laid up in bed, sick. :/ Right now I'm babysitting Cole and Harper. They're asleep right now. When I got here they were very excited to see me!! :) I missed them too. We ate some pizza and played Wii. Then, it was baths, books, and bed. Pretty easy night, they're great kids. Now, I'm just watching some TV and hanging out.

Peace out fellow bloggers. :)