Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bad Summer

As promised here is the story behind why I dislike this skank... :)  This is how I told it to a friend... I don't really feel like cleaning it up, so sorry for the harsh words.

Well, Patrick's brother's girlfriend said some shitty stuff to me... Wait let me back up a bit...

I went home like the last weekend in April.  And at that time Patrick was living with his brother.  So, Patrick and I were hanging out in the living room.  He was playing guitar hero and I was just watching him.  Patrick's brother, Brent, and his girlfriend Belinda* were having a cookout and bonfire.  So, a couple people walked in the house and asked where they were and Patrick said in the garage.  That's all that was said...

Anyway, so that following Monday I was back in Muncie and Patrick sent me a text asking what I said to Belinda.  I said that I didn't even talk to her.  He said that Brent told him that Belinda said that I was annoying or that I annoyed her and her friends.  So I got Belinda's phone number through a mutual friend and asked her what was up.  She sent me back a shitty message.  Stuff like how I'm an instant bitch when I get around people.  And how I'm messy and rude.  And how I think I'm better than everyone and I'm disrespectful.  You know... a bunch of CRAP!!

And since then I haven't really hung around Patrick's family, because ya know... his siblings are older and I can't just tell Brent his girlfriend sucks.  I had kind of come to terms with it and just said oh well.  On a daily basis I hope that karma catches up with Belinda and that Brent realizes she's a no good bitch.

Anyway... Monday of Memorial Day Weekend sucked because they all went on the boat.  Sandi (Patrick's sister) her boyfriend, Brent, Belinda, and some other people.  And I was just really sad because last summer I spent numerous hours on the boat with them.  It was so much fun and I thought that we all bonded and had a great time.  And I just realized that I appreciated "our friendship" more than they did.  And I'm sick of that.  I feel like I am the type of person who would do anything and drop everything to help my friends and I never get that in return.  I was just hurt that just because his stupid girlfriend doesn't like me, now I can never be invited on the boat again.  Some stupid ho that they have known for like 3 months now has my spot on the boat. :(

Well, yeah that's basically why I'm so hurt/pissed/crushed...etc.

**Since sending that message to my friend... I talked to Sandi and she said that I have nothing to worry about...  She said that she doesn't care for Belinda and that there is something about Belinda that rubs her the wrong way.  Sandi told me that she loves me and always will.  So, I feel better about that, but I would be so much happier if Brent would wake up and realize that Belinda is a toxic person.

*Even though I hate her... I won't use her real name in case some people do like her.